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Celebrating School Board Appreciation Month

NHA Communications Team  |  February 08, 2024
January marked Board Appreciation Month, a time to say thank you for the countless hours our Board members dedicate to our schools. Students and teachers showcased their creativity and gratitude in various ways. Here’s a glimpse into the thoughtful gestures from some of our schools:

Achieve Charter Academy: Students shared special messages on cards and treated Board members to a mini-recorder concert.

Students playing mini-recorders

Advantage Charter Academy & Willow Charter Academy: LACA Board members were adorned with "swagged out" spirit wear, reflecting the spirit of camaraderie and appreciation shared among the school community.

Atlanta Heights Charter School: Board members were treated to their favorite dinner during the Board meeting... pizza!

Brooklyn Scholars Charter School: Board members received thoughtful gift boxes to celebrate all they do.

Chandler Woods Charter Academy: Chandler Woods Academy Board members received thank you cards and enjoyed speeches from several students about why they love Chandler Woods.

Students with Board Members

Detroit Premier Academy: It was all about sweets for Board members at Detroit Premier Academy. Each member received a candy message, a gift bag with treats, and a personal card.

Eagle Crest Charter Academy: Third graders presented Board members with donut-themed appreciation cards along with donuts!

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Endeavor Charter Academy: Personalized Endeavor T-shirts and heartfelt thank-you cards were presented to Board members to acknowledge their contributions to our school community.

Gate City Charter Academy: The upper elementary choir at Gate City Academy performed a song about "Keep Going" to encourage the great work of each Board member.

Grand River Preparatory High School: Board members received a heartfelt card and custom cookies as tokens of appreciation.

Inspire Charter Academy: The All-Girls' Dance Troupe at Inspire Academy performed during the board meeting, and Board members were treated to boutique cupcakes and breakfast.

Keystone Academy: Board members were honored with a dinner, dessert, thoughtful gifts, and a performance by the middle school choir.

Knapp Charter Academy: Board members were presented with a special cake and beautiful pictures drawn by students.

Special cake for Knapp Board

Legacy Charter Academy: Principal gifts included customized fleeces, travel coffee mugs, and touching thank-you videos from classrooms, expressing gratitude from the entire school community.

Paragon Charter Academy: Board members received a link to choose new school swag online.

Pembroke Academy: A video tribute was shared with the Pembroke Academy Board members, thanking them for their contributions and unwavering support.

PrepNet Virtual Academy: Board members received new PVA hoodies and cards as a thank-you. 

Reach Charter Academy: Board members were honored with a heartfelt speech from a student, expressing their appreciation for the Board's dedication.

Ridge Park Charter Academy: Kindergarteners at Ridge Park visited to show their appreciation to Board members. They also made a giant thank you note and finger-painted magnets.

Southside Academy Charter School: Students created posters and craft projects to express their gratitude to members of the Board.

Taylor Exemplar Academy: Students expressed their gratitude through artwork dedicated to Board members.

Student artwork

Vanguard Charter Academy: Board members will be receiving handmade mugs from students, adding a personal touch to their appreciation.

Vanderbilt Charter Academy: Prior to their meeting, Vanderbilt Board members celebrated with students and received a thoughtful gift of appreciation.

Walton Charter Academy: Principal Boersma thanked the Board members for their service - presenting them with student-made cards and a video of scholars sharing why they love Walton.

Thank you to all of our Board members for your continued commitment to our schools!

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