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Buffalo-area Student Publishes Children’s Book Aimed at Encouraging Others

NHA Communications Team  |  August 05, 2020
Jessica Meldrum
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                                                            August 5, 2020
BUFFALO, N.Y., Aug. 5, 2020 — With a goal of inspiring confidence and providing encouragement to other kids, one Buffalo United Charter School student can add published author to her list of accomplishments.
At only nine years old, Nariya White is headed into the fifth grade for the upcoming school year.  Following interpersonal struggles with other students, she was inspired to write a book that aims to tackle bullying and challenges with others head-on. Nariya began writing her book in February and worked on it throughout the spring. With the help of her mother, Kina White, the pair found an illustrator to bring the words to life.
“I wrote down different ideas and my mom helped me put them together,” said Nariya. “We got someone to do the pictures and explained how we wanted each page to look and then we published the book on Amazon.”
Cover of A Slimetastic Day.

 After several months of work, her book “A Slimetastic Day” was published through Amazon in June. “A Slimetastic Day” is a book about encouragement. “There are times when we think we are not good at certain things. I’m here to let you know, you can do anything you put your mind to,” the book’s description reads. Her story highlights the story of two girls who get picked on by two boys in their class.
In the book, the girls challenge the boys to a contest to see who can create the best slime. The 24-page, full-color children’s book features vivid illustrations to coincide with the story. You’ll have to read the book to discover who wins the challenge!
“I just want other kids to know that no matter what, you can do anything you put your mind to,” said Nariya. “Don't let anyone tell you differently or make you feel you are not good enough to do the things you want. If there are people who do not want to be your friends, it does not matter because you have a family that loves you.”
Nariya began learning at Buffalo United in kindergarten and has advanced her studies over the past five years. Her former teacher, Vanessa Boyd, fourth-grade teacher at Buffalo United, shared that Nariya set her mind to improving her English language arts (ELA) skills and after putting in the hard work, she ultimately triumphed.
Artwork of a women welcoming children home from school.

Boyd shared that Nariya sat with a group of other students who were at the top of the class and inspired the ongoing effort in ELA. “One of her friends, in particular, was always there to help motivate and help her whenever she needed it.” In addition to the group dynamic, Nariya’s classwork included small group instruction. She also attended after-school tutoring on occasion to continue honing her skills.
“Having Nariya in class was a pleasure. She was always bubbly and enthusiastic,” said Boyd. “The fact that she’s published her first book at such a young age is an amazing accomplishment and I’m very proud to be able to say I was her teacher!”
To date, the mother-daughter-duo has sold more than 150 copies. “A Slimetastic Day” is available on Amazon. Nariya plans to continue writing in the future to publish additional books over time.
“I am very happy and excited to be a published author,” Nariya said.
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