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Mary Lynn Bowen relishes her behind-the-scenes role supporting National Heritage Academies high schools.
Whether it was her time at PrepNet, where she was part of a small team who handled everything from accounting to human resources, to her time at NHA, where she handles master schedules, manages course creation workshops for registrars who are creating master schedules, and consults with the enrollment team.
“I’ve had a hand in everything,” she said. “I love the collaboration. I feel very valued. I feel like I have a voice.”
Celebrating her 15th work anniversary this year, Bowen began her NHA career in accounts payable; however, most of her work has been focused on high schools. While the work is challenging, the rewards are well worth it – high school is the culmination of a student’s academic journey.

Ms. Bowen.
Mary Lynn Bowen celebrated 15 years with National Heritage Academies earlier this year.

She has supported Canton Preparatory Academy since it was under construction. Being there in support of the school and its students day-in and day-out, you develop a special bond, she said.
Bowen was especially proud of the time she spent developing partnerships and putting time into combining PrepNet with NHA to become one network. In the merger, she helped create an entire HR system by digitizing the employee files, uploading 6,000 forms.

The hard work has its rewards. Just this past year, she was able to attend Westfield Preparatory Academy’s graduation.
“I’ve been with them since the beginning,” she shared. “I’ve scheduled these kids, I know these kids. It’s just incredible to see where these kids start, where they end up, and where they’re going.”
Keep up the excellent work, Ms. Bowen!

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