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We’re so glad you asked, because we’re opening our first one! Also referred to as “pandemic pods,” “learning pods,” or “nano schools,” micro schools are a new concept in education that brings the intimate setting of a one-room schoolhouse into a digital, e-learning age.

“Micro school” is a broad term that has been used to describe everything from small neighborhood schools to student supervision provided during periods of remote learning. But we’re opening a school that will provide instruction, interaction, and socialization with the best elements of in-person and virtual learning combined.

According to EducationWeek, micro schools:
  • Often have just 10 to a few dozen students (but no more than 150)
  • Feature multiple ages learning together in a single classroom
  • Have teachers that act more as guides than lecturers
  • Have a heavy emphasis on digital and project-based learning
  • Provide a highly personalized education
In other words, micro schools might feel like “a mix between a lab school and a home school co-op with an emphasis on blended learning.”
What makes microCADEMY unique?
Our first National Heritage Academies tuition-free micro school will be located in Kentwood, Michigan and will feature three classrooms, 20 students each. microCADEMY will provide:
  • Individualized support
  • K-12 learning grouped by grade level
  • An onsite master teacher (with a variety of academic coaches to assist)
  • Online instruction by PrepNet Virtual Academy
Think this educational model might be right for your family? Visit our website to read through our FAQs and learn how to apply. If you need help, call us at 616-888-6883 and we’d be happy to help you through the application process.