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Employee Spotlight: Talent Acquisition Consultant Intern Edition

NHA Communications Team  |  June 18, 2021
The National Heritage Academies summer internship program prepares college students for the real world by working on meaningful projects, making connections, and transforming lives.
Meet the 2021 summer Talent Acquisition Consultant interns! Over the course of the summer, these vital interns will work closely with the Talent Acquisition team, our school leaders, and our candidates. Some of the main responsibilities of this role include advertising current openings on NHA’s website and external job boards, reviewing applications, conducting phone interviews, extending offers for school support positions, and working in partnership with other departments on various tasks.
Molly Elenbaas
Molly studies Human Resources at Calvin University. Working for an organization who shares her values is important to Molly, so it comes as no surprise that she wanted to intern at NHA because of the core values and opportunities NHA gives to kids to have a good school of choice.
During her internship, Molly is excited to learn more about the world of recruiting and building her experience to prepare for her graduation next spring. She also looks forward to building relationships with her coworkers.
“My favorite thing about this internship thus far has been the welcoming community I have encountered,” said Molly. “The people at NHA genuinely care a lot about each other’s success and have been so kind and eager to help out with any questions I may have.”
Josh Lafeve
Josh studies Pre-sales and Business Marketing at Western Michigan University. Josh was interested in this internship because he thought it would be a great experience to learn something outside his field of study. “I’m at a point in my life where I am deciding what I really want to do in the future and what kind of environment I want to work in, which NHA is helping me figure out,” he said.
Josh looks forward to learning from various teams at NHA and is excited for the opportunity to learn from other positions. “So far throughout this internship, I have enjoyed many of the team activities we have done in and out of the office,” he said. “The team I am on is very engaging and helpful, which I also enjoy a lot.”
Jayme Henning
Jayme studies Human Resource Management at Michigan State University. She wanted to intern at NHA to gain hands-on experience in HR and in the education field. She had a great experience volunteering for a Lunch Buddies program that sparked her interest in learning more about the education field. During her internship, Jayme wants to learn to be more flexible and take things as they come. “I think that is a very valuable skill and is very important within HR,” she said. “I would also like to build valuable relationships with other interns and full-time employees within the Service Center.”
So far, Jayme enjoys the welcoming and fun environment she’s experienced at NHA. “Everyone has been so friendly and willing to answer any questions, and I enjoy coming into the office every day,” she said.
Carolyn Kunst
Carolyn studies Human Capital and Society at Michigan State University, though she initially started college as an elementary education major. After finding that an education major wasn’t a great fit for her, she made the switch to HR, but she still feels a calling to do something in the education field.
“I passionately believe that education plays a vital role in a person’s life,” she said. “Having access to a strong system of support and people that believe in you and your academic career is extremely important, which prompted my interest in NHA.”
Carolyn is excited about the networking opportunities she will have throughout her internship. She believes she’s already learned a lot about different areas in HR and how departments interconnect. “My favorite thing about interning at NHA is the environment,” she said. “Everyone has been so welcoming and kind from day one! I love seeing how encouraging my team is around one another. It allows me to see how effective team effort can be while trying to achieve a goal.”