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From India to the United States: No Distance Can Stop The Education of One North Carolina Student

NHA Communications Team  |  January 26, 2021
Jan. 26, 2021
Kelsey Pardue
APEX, N.C., Jan. 26, 2021 — A significant time difference and international distance didn’t stop this Peak Charter Academy student from remaining enrolled and completing her coursework.
Prior to the shutdown as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Anya Joshi and her family traveled to India and unexpectedly had to stay due to travel restrictions. The decision to continue attending Peak virtually and from a distance, while also enrolled in school in India, was all Anya’s.
Anya Joshi smiling.

She attends school in India from 9 a.m. to noon and school virtually at Peak from 6:30 p.m. to 2 a.m. Attending school in India has been a culture shock for Anya, as she is reading and writing in three different languages: English, Hindi, and Marathi. Ishani Joshi, Anya’s mother, couldn’t be prouder as she took on the challenge of attending both schools and has had outstanding performance. 

“In September, Anya’s grandfather suffered an internal brain injury which resulted in me not being around for nearly three months,” shared Mrs. Joshi. “During that time, Anya displayed maturity, understanding, and strength. She managed her time well, set her own alarms, and got all her assignments done. I am so proud of Anya.”
Born in the United States, Anya enrolled at Peak in sixth grade, and what she loves most is the teachers and community Peak provides. “At Peak, I’m not bullied, and everyone is so nice and doesn’t judge me,” said Anya. “I feel like I have a place to belong at Peak. The teachers are kind and always have fun activities planned.”
Anya and Mrs. Joshi value the Moral Focus curriculum Peak implements. National Heritage Academies (NHA) believes that kindness can impact the world in significant ways. Virtues like respect and compassion are essential for kids to succeed. Every month Peak features a different Moral Focus virtue which aims to develop the whole student, heart and character included.
Anya Joshi smiling with her brother.

These virtues stand out for Anya. “Virtues including courage, perseverance, and integrity have helped me in challenging situations, such as my fear of public speaking.”
For Mrs. Joshi, Moral Focus is a contributing factor to why they enrolled Anya at Peak. “I believe that if you’re not intelligent, that’s fine. Behavior is more important,” said Mrs. Joshi. 

Reggie Pate and Robert Walters, teachers at Peak, shared that Anya is an amazing student. “Even with her presently being across the world, she is one of the most consistent students in class,” they said. “She exudes all Moral Focus virtues in her daily interactions with both her teachers and peers.”
About Peak Charter Academy:
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