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The National Heritage Academies (NHA) summer internship program prepares college students for the real world by working on meaningful projects, making connections, and transforming lives.
“The internship program has truly blossomed over the last few years,” said Thea Reigler, Chief People Officer at NHA. “It has morphed from temporary summer employment opportunities to more structured exposure to the work that we do and why we do it. The benefit of these programs is two-fold, not only does it provide for an excellent experience for new professionals who are thinking through their career options following college, but also it affords NHA an incredible opportunity to showcase ourselves as an excellent option for employment.”
Reigler also shared that within her own team, countless interns have been hired several years after they have finished college because of the strong connections they’ve built and the awareness that NHA will support their career goals. 
Curriculum and Instruction (C&I) interns work on projects specific to C&I content areas: English language arts (ELA), math, educational technology, and assessment. Some of the main responsibilities of this role include editing, proofreading, finalizing documents within NHA-created curriculum, inputting NHA assessments into digital and custom-built assessment platforms, assisting with resource creation for educational technology programs and enhancing user experience, and providing an excellent level of support to the C&I team.
Meet the 2021 C&I interns!
Grace Maurer, Assessment

Grace is undecided in her major at Grand Valley State University, but she is leaning toward Education or Business. Her motivation to be an NHA intern came from the number of family members who have worked at NHA and loved the company, including both parents. She believes it is great opportunity to learn more about herself and the workplace.
“I’m excited and looking forward to seeing how this internship will guide my future career path,” she said. “My favorite part of being an intern at NHA is getting to know the other interns and people in my department.”
Natalie Rush, Math
Natalie studies Secondary Education and Mathematics at Aquinas College (AQ). She wanted to intern at NHA to grow as a future educator while surrounding herself with others who care for others and want to make an impact in the lives of those around them. Natalie recently graduated from AQ and will student teach this fall at Chandler Woods Charter Academy.
“I’m excited to learn more about the curriculum side of educating as well as make friends with the other interns,” she said. “My favorite thing about NHA so far is the way that everyone is so joyful, kind, and caring.”
Emma Johnson, ELA
Emma studies Elementary Education at Cornerstone University. Emma spent a semester at Excel Charter Academy as an after-school tutor through one of her education courses at Cornerstone. She was inspired when she heard about this internship and the opportunity to be part of the “behind the scenes” magic of curriculum design.
“I was hooked,” she said. “As an Elementary Learning Disabilities major, my passion is finding new and creative ways to provide students with rigorous and engaging instruction. I knew that whatever role I played in the overall curriculum design process would help both teachers and students reach their highest potential.”
Emma is excited to be fully immersed in the process and soak up as much knowledge as she can. “This summer internship has already given me such a beautiful picture of the intentionality and dedication required to create quality materials for students, and I know it will continue to do so,” she said. “I've always believed that work should be a place where you can pour out and be filled up. That is exactly what NHA has been for me so far this summer. I have loved tapping into the wisdom that my coworkers have and their experiences as former teachers. It is inspiring to learn from people who have done the very thing you want to do most in the world, and for me, that thing is teaching.”
Chloe Vansickle, Ed Tech
Chloe studies Interdisciplinary Studies of Social Studies in Education at Michigan State University. Chloe was intrigued by this internship because she likes what NHA stands for and wanted to be part of a community that works to make a difference in the lives of others every day.
Chloe is excited to learn more about NHA and have the opportunity to work with new people on different projects. “My favorite part of NHA so far has been the people,” she said. “Everyone has been so kind, and they are always willing to lend a hand. I have felt like I was part of this community from the first day.”