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It’s time to celebrate all the wonderful teachers who have impacted students both past and present. As we begin Teacher Appreciation Week, here are a few ways you and your child can show special gratitude to a teacher for their sacrificial work.
  • Write a note of thanks. Consider writing your own, too. You and your student may be thankful for different things!
  • Drop off the teacher’s favorite sweet treat, a gift card to their favorite store, or maybe even treats for the whole staff.
  • Volunteer your time. Ask the teacher what you can do to help make things easier in their classroom.
  • Ask what the teacher what they need for their classroom. Teachers often spend their own money on lots of classroom supplies—by helping them out, you are also benefiting all the students who use the items.
  • Encourage your child to go back to a former teacher and thank them. Have your child share with their teacher about where they are now. Teachers love to know where their students end up and how they’ve played a part in their successes. 

Whether time, small gifts, or words of thanks, let’s all take some time this week to thank teachers. Thank the teacher who took extra time to teach your child multiplication, the teacher who fostered your child’s love for reading, the teacher who checked in on your student during the summer months, or the teacher who took time away from their own family to help yours. 

Thank a teacher. They deserve it!