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Support Staff Requirements

Substitute Teacher and Paraprofessional Requirements (updated 10/19/2021)

  • High School Diploma – 1-year substitute authorization.
  • Bachelor’s Degree – 3-year and 5-year substitute authorization.
  • Completed 48 credit hours (as evidenced by transcripts); or · Associate degree or higher (as evidenced by transcripts); or 
  • Passing scores on ETS Parapro(460) or
  • WorkKeys Exams (Math – 4, Reading for Information – 4, Writing – 3); or
  • Valid CO teaching license
  • High School Diploma. Individuals that hold a high school diploma shall not work in any one classroom more than ten (10) consecutive days.
  • Associates degree or higher (evidence is an official transcript); or 
  • 60 semester hours completed (evidence is an official transcript); or 
  • assing score (250) on the GACE paraprofessional assessment
  • High School Diploma. Applicant must apply for permit through LVIS
  • Any teaching licenses; or
  • 48 college credits (evidence is an unofficial transcript); or
  • Passing scores on ETS Para Praxis exam (Reading 176, Writing 172, Math 175 or total 460).
  • Minimum 48 semester hours and 21 years of age.
  • ETS Parapro Exam (450 or higher); or · Official transcripts showing a minimum of 48 semester hours with 3 credit hours of English Composition, 6 credit hours of English/Reading, and 6 credit hours of Math; or
  • Official transcripts showing an Associate Degree or higher.
  • Cannot accept ACT WorkKeys® any longer.
  • Unofficial transcripts showing a minimum of 60 semester hours from a 2-year or 4-year US regionally accredited institution earning a minimum 2.0 GPA.
  • Unofficial transcripts with a minimum of 60 semester hours; or
  • Valid MI Teaching Certificate; or · ETS Parapro Assessment - A passing score of 460 is required · College Board SAT – Evidence based reading and writing-480, mathematics 530 on or after 3/5/16. Discontinued Para Tests and Dates Title I Paraprofessional Requirements. Workkeys is acceptable if taken prior to 6/1/2017.
  • Minimum 48 semester hours or WorkKeys assessment.
  • Official transcripts with a minimum of 48 semester hours; or
  • Passing score for ACT WorkKeys (Applied Math 4, Workplace Documents 4, Business Writing 3); or
  • Associates degree or higher.
  • New York does not issue Substitute teacher permits.
  • High School Diploma – no more than 40 days by a school district in a school year.
  • Teaching Certificate – if more than 40 days, should be employed in area that they are certified in  Working Towards Certification (6 semester hrs/year) – if more than 40 days, should be employed in the area for which they are seeking certification.
  • See: Substitute Guidance.
  • Completion of 48 semester hours; or 
  • Passed the NY State Assessment of Teaching Assistant Skills (095)
  • Bachelor’s degree.
  • Candidate must apply for licensure.
  • Valid Educational Aide Permit with ESEA endorsement:
    • Passing score on ParaPro Exam (456); or
    • 48 Semester hours from accredited institution
  • Associates Degree or higher.
  • Candidates apply for the license on their own (must provide official transcripts to DPI) and must go through a training program before license is issued. License must be issued (or pending application in ELO) before candidate can begin employment.
  • Minimum of 48 credit hours; or Associate degree or higher (official transcripts); or Passing scores on one of the following assessments:
    • ETS (460 or higher)
    • WorkKeys exam (Applied Mathematics:4, Reading for Information:4, Writing/Business Writing:3, Instructional Support Inventory:3)
    • ParaEducator Master Teacher (assessment 1- Instructional Support: 65%, assessment 2 Content and Application: 70%)