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Behavioral Based Interview (SAR Method)

NHA utilizes behavior-based interview questions using the SAR method.

What is the SAR method?
The SAR method is designed to help the hiring leader and interviewers gain a better understanding of how candidates approach problems and handle and tackle different situations. It also helps you as the candidate answer interview questions using specific and concrete examples from your past experiences and skills.

What does SAR stand for? 

S-ituation - Open with a brief description of the SITUATION
  • Use real-life examples versus general examples. Even if they are personal as opposed to professional.  
  • Be specific while explaining the scene.
  • Answer the 5 W's (Who, What, Why, Where, and When).
  • Focus on what problem you were facing.
A-ction - Describe the ACTIONS that took place within the situation
  • What steps did you take to achieve your goal in the situation?
  • Provide SPECIFICS.
  • Focus on YOUR contributions if the situation involves other team members.
  • If it was a team goal, provide specifics on how you were a key player in the situation.
R-esult - Close with the RESULTS of the specific situation and action
  • What happened following the situation?
  • Share the impact and results this had on you, your team, and your company.
  • Share lessons learned.
  • If it was a failure, focus on how you grew and learned from the mistakes and feedback.
  • Always turn it into a positive.