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Best Schools

When it comes to choosing a school for your child, National Heritage Academies (NHA) understands the importance of finding the right fit. At NHA, our schools are designed to help students succeed and parents feel confidence in the education their child is receiving.
Parents want the best school choice for their child. There are multiple resources available for parents to use when deciding where to enroll their child.

How can I find reviews about the best schools in my area?

There are multiple resources for parents to use while trying to find the best school for their child. Both online resources and word of mouth help parents learn the pros and cons of every school.
Some online resources include:
  • This website allows parents to search schools by state and school name. Great schools provides school ratings based on parent feedback, test scores, and more. Each school includes general information, location, and parent reviews.
  • State Department of Education: Most states' education departments will have general information on local school choices. State education departments also have school rankings readily available to parents.
  • All NHA websites offer school information, parent reviews, and curriculum information.

How can I find out if an NHA school is the best school for my child?

  • Online: Each NHA school has its own school website, Facebook page, and Twitter page. These all offer a variety of resources for parents to learn more about the school. Discover why parents say an NHA school is the top school for their child!
  • Take a Tour: All NHA schools offer tours, enrollment information meetings, and open houses for potential families. Call the school office to set up a school tour at your convenience. Getting inside the school will give you a real feel for each individual school.
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