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What online math program do you recommend?

Online math programs give students an interactive outlet to continue to learn math concepts and eliminates any hesitation about answering questions in front of the entire class. There are a number of great websites that challenge students while also assisting in their learning. Two online math programs that National Heritage Academies recommends are IXL Math and XtraMath.

What type of online math help does IXL Math provide?

IXL Math offers math help for students at any grade level from pre-school to high school. The activities are broken down by grade level and then grouped by type of math skill. The program offers 3,000 lessons covering fractions, subtraction, algebra, and geometry. IXL Math offers free math problems for students to try out, but it also offers a paid subscription if you are looking for assessment information on how your child is performing. You can check out the online math program here.  

What type of online math help does XtraMath provide?

XtraMath provides math practice tests students can complete at home. Parents are sent a weekly report via email that shows how the child is progressing through the program. XtraMath is a free online math program. You can learn more about the nonprofit organization behind XtraMath and watch a video about how to sign up here.  

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