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College Bound Scholars

College Bound Scholars

For elementary students, college opportunity means building a solid foundation in the important formative years, creating unlimited potential for the years ahead. For middle school students, college opportunity means making sure they are prepared to excel in high school. This in turn sets them up for their post-secondary education. Each year's curriculum is designed to build on what they learned the previous year. That way, they're always growing and being challenged to succeed.

The NHA CollegeBound™ Scholars (CBS) program is all about helping students and families prepare for what’s next.

The NHA CollegeBound™ ​Scholarship
The NHA difference is about preparing students for a lifetime of success. Since our commitment extends beyond the 8th grade, the NHA CollegeBound™ Scholarship was established to provide six of our eighth-grade students with a one-time-only college scholarship in the amount of $5,000. Please read on so your children don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity.  Click here to learn more.

National Heritage Academies Announces College Bound Scholarship Winners!

NHA is very happy to announce that we have awarded the 2017 NHA CollegeBound Scholarships to our four winners. Each of the winners received a one-time $5,000 college scholarship.

Each student was required to pick from three topics to write a 250-500 word essay about their school’s Moral Focus curriculum. An independent professional selection group picked the winners based on their essay submission, academics, and community service.

Essay topics available included explaining how a community service project allowed the student to apply morals in service to others, describing a situation in which a moral focus virtue helped guide their decision-making process, or from personal experience, explain the impact new technology and science are having on morality.
All six students and their families were surprised and honored at school assemblies over the past week.

The 2017 Winners:

Misha Berry,  Laurus Academy

Kaeana Hinkle, Chandler Woods Charter Academy

Katelyn Hayes, Detroit Merit Academy

Ryleigh Krise, Lansing Charter Academy

Jacob Snook, Windemere Park Charter Academy

Emma Chow, Greensboro Academy

2018 Winners

Martin Dimitrov, Vanderbilt Charter Academy

Layali Bazar, Pathway School of Discovery

Kiyla Arnold, Metro Charter Academy

Elena Florida, Chandler Woods Charter Academy

Anna Richard, Canton Charter Academy

Damaris Mayorga and Annika Sher, Cross Creek Charter Academy