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Why Apply To an NHA School?

​We’re so glad you’re here.

Welcome to a whole new way of helping students achieve. Our mission is to give your children an education that propels them not only to high school and college, but also to an entire lifetime of success. Discover a school environment that’s achieving excellence, one child at a time. Click on the videos below to learn more about us.

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Kindergarten Expectations


Middle School Opportunities


What do parents say?

​"There is a sense of compassion I feel when I enter the school. I really buy into the idea they care about my child. Knowing someone cares when I send him off each day is major."

- Alliance Academy Parent


"I feel the teachers are very helpful and put effort into helping the students one on one if needed. It's also a great and safe school, and I don't worry about my kids when they are there."

- Bennett Venture Academy Parent


"The education is excellent, the teaching staff is truly caring and engaging, and the moral focus helps to reinforce what we teach and expect behaviorally from our children."

- Cross Creek Charter Academy Parent

"DMA is clean, safe, and most important, the entire staff treats each child as if he/she is their own. My daughter has learned so much and is so happy she attends school there."

- Detroit Merit Charter Academy Parent

"I think this is the closest thing to a private school environment you can get in a public school. The education is strong, parental involvement is strong, and moral values are taught and practiced daily."

- Greensboro Academy Parent


"Taylor Exemplar has turned my son around and he is improving every day. I love the support and the encouragement the faculty gives to each child."

-Taylor Exemplar Academy 

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