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Our Schools and community are built on the partnership and involvement of our amazing parents. We are stronger together. Whether you're working side-by-side with your child, leading a field trip, or volunteering in our offices, we value your help and know your child will appreciate having you there.

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Parent Action Committees

Parental involvement at school is considered an essential part of the learning process at Winterville Charter Academy. In an effort to facilitate the communication between the school and its parents, Parent Action Committees (PACs) will allow parents the opportunity to get involved and play a vital role in their child's education.

For more information or to sign up for one of these committees, please feel free to contact the Winterville Charter Academy school office or email


Share your time by volunteering in the classrooms, assist with distribution of meals, and engage in administrative functions. This PAC will also implement school-wide service projects and fun activities for our families.
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Moral Focus

The moral focus committee will create programs for our scholars to support the monthly virtue learned in class. This PAC will lead the charge to help each virtue come alive at Winterville Charter Academy.
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Academic Support

Help provide academic resources that aide in the success of all our scholars. This group’s focus is to help scholars meet performance standards and grade level proficiency by implementing activities that engage scholars on a competitive level such as spelling bees.
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College Readiness

Help our scholars experience the immediate advantages of exposure to a college or university environment.  In this PAC, parents will organize and implement career day, college day, and other appropriate activities that will allow scholars to receive a greater understanding of college preparation.
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Facility and Safety

Safety, maintenance, and beautification will be a priority at Winterville Charter Academy.  This PAC will provide assistance during morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up, help decorate the building for special celebrations, and organize lost and found items.
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Become a Volunteer

Our highest priority is keeping our schools safe, so we’ve established a variety of security levels based on available volunteer opportunities. Please review the levels below to understand the security requirements for each opportunity and the necessary corresponding forms that must be completed before serving.


Level 1

Level One

A school employee will always supervise the volunteer. Volunteers can work in classrooms and the office, but cannot handle money.

Requirements: Volunteer Authorization Release Form, State-Issued Photo ID


Level 2

Level Two

A school employee or Level 3 volunteer provides limited supervision to the volunteer. Field trip chaperones, drivers, recess monitors are Level 2.

Requirements: Volunteer Authorization Release Form, State-Issued Photo ID, Background Check


level 3

Level Three

Volunteers can work with students with no direct supervision. They can chaperone overnight field trips and tutor students.

Requirements: Volunteer Authorization Form, State-Issued Photo ID, and Background Check

If you’re interested in serving as a volunteer, please let us know as soon as possible. Paperwork and background checks can take time to process -- and we wouldn’t want you to miss out on your requested opportunity!
You may log in to the Parent Portal or contact the school at (252) 689-6153 to sign up as a volunteer.

You can also check out our Volunteer FAQs to learn more.