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Summer Learning Adventures at Windemere Park: A Day with the Lansing Art Gallery

It’s been a fun summer of learning for scholars at Windemere Park Charter Academy in Lansing, Michigan. They’ve spent the past few weeks engaging in a variety of activities beyond the regular academic curriculum. One of those activities involved a special visit from the Lansing Art Gallery.

Student painting. 
Summer learning instructor Kathryn Cintron invited the gallery to conduct an art project with the students. The activity involved jelly printing, a technique new to many of the children, which allowed them to create unique and textured art pieces.
“The students were given squishy pads. They then chose their paint color and textured roller,” Cintron said. “Then they would choose a pattern like lace or other textures to put on the pad, put a piece of paper on it, and rub it to transfer the paint and pattern.”

Student artwork.

Cintron said the students were excited to see their artwork come to life and show it off.

“They took them home and of course, I took pictures. We do have some of our projects hanging in classrooms. I'm floored by how talented they are,” she said.

Student artwork.

Cintron believes it’s important to expose students to different subjects and experiences, like art. 

“They’re basically learning something new about art and different ways that you can make art. Also, that art isn't just painting or drawing, you can make art out of a lot of different things.

Student artwork.

Unlike traditional summer school programs, Windermere Park's summer learning is embracing a weekly theme this year. This unique approach adds variety and keeps the students excited throughout the summer.
Some of the other theme weeks include activities centered on the farm, robotics, and bug-related projects. Each theme is carefully designed to offer both fun and learning opportunities with many hands-on experiences.
Keep up the great work, Windemere!

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About Windemere Park Charter Academy:
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