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Windemere Park Scholars Take Part in a Hands-on Science Adventure

It's a place where scholars can go to immerse themselves in all things science. Recently, second-grade students at Windemere Park Charter Academy in Lansing spent the day at Impression 5 Science Center.
Impression 5 is known for its hands-on activities that make science come alive for visitors of all ages. For the students from Windemere Park, this trip gave them the chance to take part in interactive activities aligned with what they’ve been studying in science class.
The students have been studying the states of matter and there were plenty of activities involving solids, liquids, and gases.

Students exploring exhibit
Their day at Impression 5 began with a trip to the famous Slime Lab, where each student was able to create their own slime. Deshaun Snead-Pratt, one of the teachers on the field trip, shared, "They loved taking home the slime and they got to learn about physical and chemical changes as well." She said this hands-on experience introduced them to new vocabulary and concepts, helping them grow their understanding of science.
They also spent time inside “Pop!” which is an area where students conducted experiments with bubbles. It allowed them to explore the interaction between liquids and gases. “The kids can stand in the middle, they pull a lever, and a bubble comes up around them,” said Snead-Pratt. “They could put their finger in the bubble solution and then through the big bubble without it popping. It was one of their favorite exhibits.”  

Group of students in front of exhibit
Another favorite was an exhibit focusing on kinetic and potential energy. Students were able to pitch to a batter and measure their speed, teaching them about velocity and the science behind it.
There were also opportunities to learn a little bit about human anatomy.  One exhibit they were really able to sink their teeth into was a giant model of a mouth. “They loved exploring and climbing on it, learning things like how many teeth are in the human mouth,” explained Snead-Pratt. They were also able to get an up-close look at a massive eye to see the inner workings of the optic nerve.

Student holding word "imaginative"
The students also had a fun time learning about nature in Michigan and some of the technology used to observe it.
The students' day at Impression 5 Science Center was filled with excitement and learning. "The day went by so fast, everybody was fully engaged, well-behaved, and had a lot of fun," said Snead-Pratt. “Their favorite exhibits included bubbles, the pitching exhibit, and the Slime Lab.”
She also commented that throughout the day she saw the students display their Moral Focus virtues. “I definitely saw the students use wisdom. They were cooperating, being respectful, listening to others, and speaking with care. They also demonstrated integrity by handling the equipment respectfully.”
Snead-Pratt wanted to give a special shout-out to the second-grade team, praising their hard work and dedication. She also acknowledged Mrs. McGraw, who played a crucial role in organizing the trip. This type of collaboration has helped Windemere Park outperform the local district for 13 years.
Overall, it was a day of learning and exploring, an educational experience these young scholars won't soon forget.

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