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Author Helps Research Triangle Students Focus on the Right Goals

Setting goals has been shown to help jumpstart new behaviors and create momentum for positive change in your life. It’s a topic Research Triangle Charter Academy students learned more about during a hands-on workshop provided by author and volunteer Latara Shanae Griffin.
“We recently had Latara Shanae Griffin come in and complete a work session with our scholars about setting goals and how to think through proactively targeting the right goals,” Middle School Dean Jamila Bowser said. “After the session, the scholars completed a guided goal sheet and a vision board.”
 Latara Shanae Griffin

Griffin wrote a book titled “Strongholds.”  She serves as a motivational speaker, youth mentor, and advocate.
Some of the goals included earning straight A’s in school, receiving sports scholarships to colleges, being drafted into professional sports teams, and getting married. Students added positive vibes to their boards such as “Happiness Matters,” “Believe in Yourself,” and “Dream.”
 Student holding sign

The approach started with action plans to help make the goals a reality.
“They also participated in a simulation where some of the kids had real life obstacles presented to them because they had not set a goal,” Bowser said. “The demo also showed how it impacted their progress to not have a plan. It was very visual and a neat way to demonstrate why setting goals are important.”
Students could easily see the correlation between the hard work they would need to do in school or sports to meet their future goals.

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