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Prevail Students Perform Reading Surgery

Second-graders at Prevail Academy recently participated in a fun and interactive lesson that taught them how to make contractions. Mrs. Brown's reading class dressed up in surgical gear and performed “surgery” on words.

The assignment required the scholars to take two words and connect them, resulting in a contraction. The students cut out two words and used a band-aid with an apostrophe drawn on it to combine the words.

“Students had a lot of fun with this,” said Stacey Jovanovski, dean of lower elementary at Prevail. “They learned just how hard it is to be a doctor, and how to think on their feet, especially when your band-aid keeps sticking to your gloves preventing you from stitching up the contraction!”

Each station was set up like an operating room that included a surgical tray containing the required tools for the assignment, a biohazard bin, and two qualified surgical teachers to lead the way.

Couldn’t’ve been a better lesson!