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Pinnacle Academy Offers Fun Game Night as a Reward for Good Grades, Behavior

More than 100 middle school scholars were recently rewarded for their good grades and behavior when they received a special invitation to the Pinnacle Academy Game Night organized by Achievement and Behavior Support Specialist Duane Wilson and staff.
 Students at the Pinnacle Academy game night
On Game Day was also pajama day. This scholar is having some pizza and snacks.

“One of my students asked me what the point is of getting straight A’s if there are no rewards,” Wilson said. “The student pointed out how if you don’t do well or act out, then there are a whole bunch of things we do to try to get the student to improve. That comment made me think about what we could do to reward those who are high achievers.”
Two events were created to meet this goal. One is more formal, a Sneaker Ball with a DJ held before winter break, and this one, Game Night, is just fun and casual.
 Students playing Monopoly
This group is playing a fun game of Monopoly.

Pinnacle Game Night, held from 4 to 6 p.m. on Feb. 17, was only for those students who met criteria for good grades and positive behavior. Wilson asked staff if they would bring in games they owned to make it more fun and provide more options.
There were games like Four Square, Corn Hole, Twister, Giant Jenga, a jump rope area, music with a dance floor and lots of board games like Sorry!, Monopoly, Scrabble, Clue, Scattergories, Outburst, 5-Second Rule, and Upwords.
 Students playing games at Game Night
Game Night is underway at Pinnacle Academy.

“I didn’t see too many students looking at their phone,” Wilson said. “They were just having fun and learning new games or being reminded about how to play games they used to play. They just relaxed and let their hair down.”
Many parents were supportive, as well, by donating the funds to buy 25 pizzas, pop, and snacks. Due to the donations, Pinnacle staff could make the event free to all the scholars who attended. Also, it was pajama day at school, so it became a game night pajama party!
 Students playing four square
Another challenging game of Four Square.

Events like this provide incentive for the scholars to do well and outperform the local district in testing scores. Keep up the good work, Pinnacle Academy scholars and staff! 

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