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School Holds Successful High School Night for Students

Pinnacle Academy held its annual High School Night, the first time in-person since COVID-19 began. Seventeen high schools – charter, public, and private – came together in the school gym to provide information for students and families.
Achievement and Behavior Support Specialist Shayla Morris organized the event. Morris created a flyer with all the area high schools listed, highlighting those high schools at the event.
 Students asking a representative about their college

She also suggested some questions students should ask:
  1. What are the requirements to attend your school?
  2. Does your school offer extra curriculars?
  3. Does your school provide transportation?
  4. Does your school offer opportunities to earn college credits?
  5. Are there any scholarships available?
  6. How big are your class sizes?
“The parents were excited by the number of schools there,” Morris said. “They didn’t realize that there were so many opportunities available for their kids. The parents also didn’t know that many of the private high schools have scholarships available, so that was cool.”
Morris explained that Pinnacle Academy had an information table for families to help them learn about and better understand different options and opportunities at the high schools like the college plus program, advanced placement courses, and local scholarships that depend on where students and their families live whether it’s Cleveland or Euclid.
 Students at the event posing together

The event was meant for seventh- and eighth-grade families, but some sixth-grade families came, too. At the event families learned about the different high schools’ application process and deadlines.
“Families also learned about requirements based on grades and behavior,” Morris said. “For families who learn about those details earlier, they can start to figure out what their child needs to do to meet the requirements or maybe they learned they already meet them.”
Students and families had the opportunity to learn about sports and other extracurricular activities and clubs the schools have, as well.
 Students asking a representative about their college

As a follow-up to the event, several high schools have arranged to come talk to the Pinnacle students or planned for students to tour during the school day.
“Parents thought the event was incredible,” Morris said. “For those who missed it, we set up an information table in our school office, so parents could still look through the materials and information.”

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