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School Rolls Out the Red Carpet on Count Day

At Milwaukee Scholars Charter School, the leadership staff developed a variety of incentives to give scholars extra reasons to attend school on count day.
“For count day we rolled out the red carpet and played the song ‘Celebration’ as the students were walking in,” Student Family Liaison Danielle Jones said. “The students were allowed to shine bright with their Hollywood sunglasses and take pictures with our Hollywood-themed backdrop.”
 Milwaukee Scholars red carpet
Looking like celebrities, these students are ready to be counted.
The scholars were treated like celebrities because they “Showed Up Hollywood Style,” explained Jones. Students earned a raffle ticket for their attendance and were eligible to win a Kindle tablet. They also were treated to fresh popcorn.
Parents were eligible to win a $20 gift card, while Admissions Representative Natees Chambers distributed treats and positive postcards to parents as they dropped off their scholars.
 Milwaukee Scholars red carpet
This scholar is wearing his Hollywood glasses and having fun.

The students took pictures with Ms. Morrison, the “Attendance Fairy,” and learned that Attendance Matters for Every Student Every Day.
Milwaukee Scholars count day had a total of 699 scholars, 21 more than last year.
 Milwaukee Scholars red carpet
Scholars took pictures with Ms. Morrison, the “Attendance Fairy.”

Milwaukee Scholars team members focus on why attending school every day is so important for their students.
  • A missed school day is a lost opportunity to learn.
  • It helps develop healthy life habits.
  • It develops routines that assist with everyday life.
  • It helps avoid dangerous behaviors.
  • It shapes your future in a positive way.
  • It is a social opportunity.
Keep up the good work Milwaukee Scholars staff and scholars!
About Milwaukee Scholars
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