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Weekly ‘Words of Wisdom’ Video Project Helps Set Tone for Inspire

The opportunity to positively impact the students and staff at Inspire Charter Academy is rarely passed up by David Moore. Moore, the K-8 music teacher, is a magnetic force within the school, often taking on projects and encouragement opportunities when he sees a need.
 Inspire Academy

The idea for a weekly Words of Wisdom series came to him last summer after Principal Adrienne Singleton asked him to head the social media and teacher engagement committees. He thought creating good content to share with the school and post on social media sites would serve both purposes.
“The staff has been great as far as volunteering,” Moore said. “I’m a fun, easy person to get along with so they’re always down to participate in the things I come up with.”
 David Moore music teacher

That list is growing. Last school year Moore encouraged faculty and students to participate in a singing challenge for prizes, helped organize a Black History Month Poetry Slam, and was nominated for a Music Educator Award by the Grammy Museum.
“I let the staff come up with their own motivational words,” Moore said. “They have the freedom to come up with original words, or they can recite poems or speeches. The messages they give can be made to address the students or fellow staff. Having a different teacher say something every week is always refreshing because it helps everyone get to know each other.”
 Jonai Maddrick middle school dean

Messages range from the inspirational, helpful tips for getting through your day, to life lessons. It’s been empowering for the staff to hear from their peers, Principal Singleton said.
“The staff love the videos,” Singleton said. “They pretty much wait in anticipation to see what message it will bring as well as who will be in it. This helps with building culture and increasing staff morale throughout the building.”
 Inia Pierce 3rd grade teacher

Dean of Lower Elementary Yalonda Short talked about three things she lives by: Always stay true to yourself, watch your circle of friends, and always chase your passion. School Social Worker Armisha Washington shared a quote from Dr. Martin Luther King, while Library Technician Specialist Melanie Willoughby offered encouragement for daily decision making.
“You are perfect because of your imperfections,” she said. “Do what inspires you, life is too short not to love the job you do every day. Complaining will not get anything done. At the end of your day you’ve done your best, even if you haven’t accomplished all on your list. You’ve given your all. You don’t need to have it all figured out. Taking the wrong path is part of the process. Never lose yourself because of someone else. You are perfect just the way you are. Trust your gut. If you ever feel it’s not right, it’s not. A smile is a free way to brighten up someone’s day.”
 focus on work/life balance

Principal Singleton plans to record her video soon, likely after much of the staff has gone before her. And she’s got more plans for Mr. Moore.
“I spoke with Mr. Moore, and we decided he will be doing the Teacher Spotlight, Moral Focus Word of the Month, and more throughout the school year to assist with increasing student and teacher engagement.”

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