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Inspire Music Teacher David Moore Nominated for Music Educator Award by Grammy Museum

Most people at Inspire Charter Academy know David Moore as an inspiring teacher who helps coax the musical ability out of his students and peers. Now he’s being considered for a special honor from the Recording Academy and Grammy Museum.
Moore and 206 other music teachers from 180 cities have been named as a quarterfinalist for the Music Educator Award. Over 1,500 nominations were considered. One recipient will be selected from 10 finalists, with the winner attending the 2023 Grammy Awards on Feb. 5.

 Inspire Music teacher

“It's an award that recognizes music educators from kindergarten all the way to college,” Moore said. “It also recognizes teachers in the public, private, and charter school range for their contributions to music education, and their commitment to continuing to push music education in the schools.”
Moore is no stranger to the Grammy organization. He and a friend used to own an independent production company and they even made a rhythm and blues album, which helped them become voting members of the awards show.
As he transitioned into teaching, Moore found ways to get students interested in music and even includes fellow staff members.
“I like to do different music trivia games and different challenges around the school,” he said. “In March we did the Gold Music Challenge, where students and teachers could find a pot of gold around the school, and if they found it, they have to sing some songs and they can get their reward.”
He also has held music trivia challenges related to song lyrics. It’s a way for him to help keep things lively around the school.
“I just try to keep the spirits lively there, you know,” he said. “I know with the length of the school year and especially trying to bring a sense of normalcy back to the school with the pandemic being over with and everything. They kind of look to me to be the pick-me-up around the school.”
Moore said he keeps a close eye on his students to know what music they’re listening to. That helps him connect with them in class and incorporate that music into lesson plans.
“Music can influence different emotions and that's what I noticed with my kids at school,” he said. “What I try to do is to apply that to their daily lives. I try to incorporate that in my classroom instruction because what it does, it helps keep them engaged, and it helps them retain the information a little bit better.”
Whatever the outcome from the nomination, Moore said the past 10 years he’s been with National Heritage Academies (NHA) schools has rekindled his love of teaching.
“I'm definitely blessed and honored to be working with NHA,” he said. “I was teaching high school before in the public school system and it's very, very tiring, and consuming. I was able to find my niche within NHA. So, I’m very blessed and grateful for my time here.”
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