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Dress Code

A flexible and cost effective dress code has been established at our school to encourage academic success while reducing distractions and competition. Implementing a simple, flexible, cost effective dress code promotes student learning and increased academic instruction time.

Please refer to the Parent and Student Handbook for the complete dress code policy.



Kelly green shirts with collars (includes mock turtlenecks, long- or short-sleeved, cotton or knit)
Inspire logo is optional


Pastel yellow button-up shirts (short- or long-sleeved)
Boys wear a solid hunter green or black clip-on tie
Girls wear a solid hunter green or black crossover tie


Shirts must be tucked in at all times
Cold weather attire may include solid-colored sweaters or vests that are navy, khaki or green
Sweatshirts, hoodies, and ponchos may be worn as outerwear (worn outside) only

Hair & Hygiene


Hair color must be of natural tones and may not be colored, dyed, or streaked


For boys, hairstyles must be conservative and worn off the collar

The personal grooming of students should be in accord with the standards set by the uniform dress code. Students should be clean and neat when at school.

Not Allowed

Extreme hairstyles are not permitted.
No designs, logos, or other distracting items are to be sprayed, etched, or shaved into hair.


  • Khaki bottoms, uniform style shorts, skirts, skorts, or jumpers
  • Dockers are acceptable uniform style pants
  • Pants may not have legs that zipper off or rivets, pockets on the sides, or loops of any kind
  • Jean and sweat pant materials are not permitted
  • Plain black or brown belts must be worn with bottoms that have belt loops
  • All bottoms must be either longer than the fingers when the student’s arms hang at her side or no more than three inches above the knees


Hats, Shoes & Accessories

  • Hats of any kind may not be worn inside the building
  • Plain black/brown belts only
  • Plain white/black/brown socks or solid tights for girls
  • Cold weather attire may include solid colored sweaters or vests that are navy/khaki/green
  • Tennis shoes must be solid in color



  • Makeup is not permitted
  • Wearing, carrying, and displaying gang paraphernalia, names, signs, or symbols of gang membership is prohibited
  • Clothing with holes, cuts, or tears is not permitted
  • No khaki or kelly green dresses
Examples of appropriate uniform clothing are found at Fashion Era. Both locations have plain uniform and logo shirts.

Interpretation of the Dress Code is at the principal and staff’s discretion, and their decision is final.

Uniform Information Sheet