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Students Learn About 40 Professions

Nearly 40 different professionals spoke with students at Burton Glen Charter Academy on May 22 to introduce the students to a variety of careers available to them down the road.

“We received much positive feedback after the event, as students shared with their peers, teachers, and parents their new or newly reinforced ideas about college or training for their career choices,” said Kevin Johnson, academic interventionist who organized the event.

The gymnasium was set up with tables where each professional could set up props and integral items that illustrate their career. As the students walked from table to table, they asked questions about how each person got started in their profession and what education is required to achieve that position.

The students were encouraged to ask each professional about the nature of their work, the specifics of their occupation, and the duties they routinely perform. 
Students also asked questions about how many years of education is needed per job and the salary someone can expect to make.

After meeting with professionals inside the gym, students were able to go outside to talk with police officers, ambulance drivers, and firemen – all of whom brought their official vehicles. The students also played carnival games and enjoyed snacks.