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Alumnus Feature: Demere Coker

Name: Demere Coker

Age: 18

NHA School Attended: Buffalo United Charter School, Class of 2013

High School:  Hutchinson Central Technical High School

College: University at Buffalo

Please tell me about your favorite memory of BUCS?
My favorite memory at Buffalo United Charter came in eighth grade when my fellow students and I won a basketball championship for the second year in a row. I can still vividly picture the smiles on my classmates’ faces as we ran around the gym filled with pure joy.

What were you involved in at BUCS?
Buffalo United Charter School helped me discover my love for sports. Throughout middle school there were a number of activities that were offered to us. I decided to take advantage of the opportunities and participated in track, soccer, and basketball.  The sporting events allowed me to engage with my peers and create lasting memories.

Do you ever visit your former teachers/school?
Yes, I still visit the school. I never lost contact with my former teachers. Many of my former teachers still provide me with guidance and advice to this day.

How do you feel BUCS prepared you for high school/college?
I feel that Buffalo United Charter School has provided me with the tools to further my education, giving me a greater chance to succeed in life.

What advice would you give to current students?
I would tell students to believe in their abilities; confidence can help you overcome many trials and tribulations.