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Meet Our Leadership Team

Tammy Messmer

Tammy Messmer


Jaime Gibson-Peld

Jaime Gibson-Peld

Kindergarten - 2nd Grade Dean

Kathleen Bongiovanni

3rd - 5th Grade Dean

Patty Zika

Patty Zika

6th - 8th Grade Dean

Danelle Backe

Danelle Backe

Dean of Special Ed. and Intervention

Meet Our School Board

Our School Board draws from the best local civic and community leaders. They volunteer their time and energy to ensure students at Buffalo United Charter School receive the best education possible. For a schedule of Board meetings, minutes, and more information, visit the Board Documents page or contact us at or

Andrew Freedman


Kim DeJesus


Kathy Wood


Ted Purvis


Arthur Traver


Our Authorizer

SUNY Charter Schools Institute Logo

We are authorized by the SUNY Charter Schools Institute. They sponsor and monitor us to ensure we achieve academic results and uphold the promises made in our charter.

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