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Special Supper Offers Glimpse into Support Available at Brooklyn Scholars

In a bid to bridge understanding and empower parents within the special education community, Brooklyn Scholars Charter School recently hosted a groundbreaking event titled "Supper with SPED." Spearheaded by the Dean of Special Education, Shakera Bennett, and fueled by the vision of Martika Mondesir, a dedicated fifth-grade SPED teacher, this event was a resounding success in shedding light on the intricate world of special education.

Read below as Principal Roxanne Thomas details how the event came together.

The driving force behind Supper with SPED was the recognition of a need for greater parental knowledge and involvement in their children's education journey. Martika Mondesir, with her finger on the pulse of parental concerns, collaborated seamlessly with Dean Bennett and Principal Roxanne Thomas to bring this invaluable initiative to fruition. Ms. Isaacs, Mr. Racanello, Ms. Webster, Mrs. Davison, Ms. Lodge, Ms. Mott, Ms. Irby, Mr. Weisser, and Ms. McIntosh not only shared the vision, but they answered the call to action. 

Brooklyn Scholars SPED staff at event.

The event's agenda was as comprehensive as it was enlightening. Attendees were treated to a feast of information ranging from understanding and advocating for their child's Individualized Education Program (IEP) to deciphering the often-complex jargon found within these documents. Topics included testing accommodations, mandated counseling services, and the various styles of co-teaching observed in Integrated Co-Teaching (ICT) classrooms.

Brooklyn Scholars SPED event.

One of the highlights of the evening was the opportunity for parents to interact directly with the dedicated special education team at Brooklyn Scholars. From kindergarten through middle school, each table offered intimate conversations and insights into the support systems available for their children.

Brooklyn Scholars SPED event.

The event wasn't just about information; it was about fostering a sense of community and collaboration between home and school. Parents not only gained knowledge but also connected with fellow parents, sharing experiences, concerns, and triumphs.

Brooklyn Scholars SPED event.

Amidst the informative sessions and engaging discussions, a delicious dinner added a warm touch to the evening, creating an atmosphere of camaraderie and support.

Brooklyn Scholars SPED event.

Dean Shakera Bennett and the entire special education team at Brooklyn Scholars have set a new standard in parental engagement and empowerment. Supper with SPED was not just an event; it was a testament to the dedication and passion driving the transformative work happening within the special education landscape. That engagement with parents is just one of the reasons why Brooklyn Scholars has outperformed the local district for the past 12 years.

As parents left with newfound knowledge, connections, and a sense of empowerment, Supper with SPED marked a significant milestone in the ongoing journey toward inclusive and informed education for all students.

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