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Dress Code

Below is the approved dress code for the 2023-24 school year. The dress code at Brooklyn Scholars Charter School is flexible, affordable, and designed to encourage student success. With less distractions and competition, our scholars can focus better in school.

Our preferred uniform vendor is The Gym Uniform Co. To purchase uniform items, contact The Gym Uniform Co. at 516-390-0044 or click below and enter Learning2468 for our school code.

If you need assistance paying for uniforms, please call the school to discuss options.

Order School Uniforms

K-5 Students



  • Long or short-sleeve hunter green polo shirt



  • Solid khaki

6-8 Students



  • Long or short-sleeve yellow cotton oxford shirt
  • Green plaid tie required for grades 7-8
  • Hunter green blazer required for grade 8


  • Solid khaki



Shoe, belt, and tie illustration

7th and 8th grade scholars are required to wear a green plaid tie.

Shoes must be black or brown loafer style, dress shoes, tennis shoes, or closed-toe sandals.

Socks must be solid forest green, tan, brown, or black.

Tights and leggings worn underneath uniform bottoms must be solid forest green, tan, brown, or black.

P.E. Uniforms

P.E. Uniform

Tops: K-5 gray; 6-8 hunter green

Bottoms: K-5 gray; 6-8 hunter green

More Details

The complete dress code policy for the 2023-24 school year can be found in our Parent and Student Handbook.