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Meet Ms. Hale at Brooklyn Excelsior

Name: Kristen Hale
Position: Fourth Grade Teacher
Years at BECS: 3 years
Years in Education: 5 years 
Favorite part of BECS: My favorite part about BECS is who I get to share every day with! Additionally, it has been a joy to have met such wonderful families,  who I love staying in touch with through the years.
Best part of being a teacher: The best part of being a teacher is seeing student growth academically and socially. I smile ear-to-ear when I see my students taking their academics to the next level, and when students demonstrate our core moral focus values in-and-out of school.
What do you want your students to know: I want my students to know how much they are loved, believed in, and that anything is possible when you work hard towards your goal.