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Detroit Enterprise Registrar Fosters Positive School Culture

Registrars are accountable for a lot when it comes to enrollment and compliance, but they do many other things for their schools. Insert Felicia Morgan, who has been the registrar at Detroit Enterprise Academy (DEA) for over 15 years.

“Mrs. Morgan is our hidden secret to success,” said Emily Gagnon, principal at DEA. “She creates a positive school culture and knows our staff, students, and families well. On the surface, one will notice her registrar duties such as answering the phone and enrolling students, but she is so much more. She is a caretaker, a counselor, a confidante, a truth-teller, and the finder of all things. We are fortunate to have her on our team.”

She knows the building front to back, knows where all the kids are, and where everything is. She once received a call from a grandmother to look for dentures inside her grandchild’s backpack – and she found them. She more regularly finds keys, cell phones, and glasses.

Though she has the reputation as the “finder of all things,” she focuses on maintaining a positive energy and great rapport with her staff, students, and families. “I do my best to make sure anyone I encounter feels welcomed as soon as they step into the office or in my general presence,” said Mrs. Morgan. “I’m a team player, and I love to help out whenever and however needed.”

She reflected that she wears many hats by choice. She’s often the first person people see when they come to the building, so she knows all the students. “You might find me walking a nervous kindergartner to class or reading to a kindergarten class,” she said.

She could also be found playing the role of the school nurse, providing a listening ear, having lunch with a middle schooler, doing the Cha-Cha Slide at a middle school dance, leading an after-school club, or participating in a staff vs. student game. “I think it’s imperative to create a safe and healthy relationship with the staff and families, so at the end of the day, everyone can know you truly have their best interest at heart,” she said. “I care about the success of the DEA staff and families.”

Though things are different for the time being, she still has the opportunity to connect with families and build on the positive school culture. To incentivize families to turn in paperwork for enrollment, she enters families into a drawing once their paperwork is completed. The gift could be dinner for the family, game night baskets, a dress-down day for the students, and other summer-inspired gifts like scooters, bubbles, or a pool.

“I love DEA, I love the culture, school, children, and staff,” said Mrs. Morgan. “It’s a hidden jewel in the City of Detroit. If we can get the word out, that’s what I like to do.”

Keep up the amazing work, Mrs. Morgan!