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Westfield Charter Academy Celebrates Opening with Dedication and Ribbon Cutting

Westfield Charter Academy students and staff celebrated the opening of the new school with a dedication ceremony and ribbon cutting event.

In addition to members of the school community and school leaders, Brian Britton, president and CEO of NHA, the organization that manages Westfield Charter Academy, was in attendance to speak and celebrate.

The school welcomed 520 students, in kindergarten- through sixth-grade, in September when it opened.

“During our first two weeks of school, I was most excited to see our scholars and teachers bonding and our school becoming a community,” said Ira Kleiman, founding principal of Westfield Charter Academy. “The dedication ceremony and ribbon cutting was a reason to celebrate giving parents a choice for a high-quality education where students can reach their full potential.”

The facility features 22 classrooms, dedicated parent room, large gymnasium, music room, art room, outdoor playground and field, technology room, and more.

“Our goal is to establish Westfield Charter Academy as a school known for academic excellence, where student learning is paramount, a school where every child is challenged to achieve, a safe, vibrant, and welcoming learning environment, a school that the community can be proud to have here,” said Kleiman. 

Congratulations, Westfield!