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Parent Information Meeting

Parent Information Mee...

Join us on June 18 from 6 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. at St. Michael’s Cultural Center, 26355 W. Chicago, to learn how our curriculum and dedicated teachers will give your child the opportunity to reach their full academic & creative potential. Individualized lessons to address your child’s unique abilities, and moral focus lessons built into every school day. Opening kindergarten through ninth grade, adding grades ten through twelve over the next three years. Questions? Call (313) 718-8940.

One Remarkable K-12 Experience

Success means something different to everybody. Here at Westfield Academy, it means creating endless opportunities for your child to become their best. We inspire our students to excel academically and think creatively to reach their full potential. Our dedicated teachers help children apply critical thinking skills to solve real-world problems. Our moral focus program motivates children to be better people. As a result, our students are prepared to tackle 21st century challenges and excel in college and beyond.

Success means something different to everybody. Here at Westfield Academy, see how we help your student become their best.

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We would love to show you our campuses! Contact us to schedule a tour at one of our sister schools. We are excited to show you our school!

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More Information

We know there are a lot of factors in deciding where your child will go to school and we want to help. Use our live chat or leave your information and we will be in touch.

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Tour the School

We would love to show you our world so contact us to schedule a tour. We also hold open houses where you can meet our amazing teachers.

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We can’t wait to share your child’s journey! Apply online, in person, or over the phone and don’t hesitate to ask us questions along the way! We are here for you.

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