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Detroit Red Wings Visit South Canton

South Canton Scholars Charter Academy held an assembly in which they received healthy living ideas from one of the greatest professional hockey organizations, the Detroit Red Wings.

As part of their School Improvement Program, South Canton is focusing on wellness goals. The Detroit Red Wings School Assembly program aligned with their goals to educate students on making healthy food choices and to exercise daily. Physical education teacher at South Canton, Fletcher Morgan, presented the idea, and planned and executed the assembly.

“We need to encourage our students to eat well and exercise daily to ensure healthy bodies,” said Sabrina Terenzi, principal at South Canton. “Healthy bodies create healthy minds.”

It was a very interactive assembly for the students. Students were asked to rate pictures as healthy or nonhealthy with their fingers. For example, showing one finger for a strawberry and two fingers for a cake. Students and teachers were able to participate in a challenge in which they used hockey sticks to get a ball into a goal. Students and teachers were goalies and were even able to keep the equipment. Of course, students also were led in a “let’s go Red Wings” chant.

“This assembly showed students that it’s important to have goals and to work hard every day to reach them,” said Terenzi. “Staying healthy allows this to happen. Healthy living is essential to learn and grow.”

Keep up the great work, South Canton!