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See What’s on the Inside as Sky Ranch Academy Prepares to Open Its Doors

The drywall has been hung, the paint is drying, and the exterior is looking more like a school as each day passes.

Construction of Sky Ranch Academy’s K-7 building on North Carrie Street is ongoing as the 2023-24 school year approaches. Along with regular construction updates, here is what you can expect when visiting the school.

The school grounds are unique given the size and openness of the area. The play area, which includes the playground equipment, a paved ball court area, and grass athletic field, will be lined with a fence. The blacktop area and athletic fields will be wide open, leaving room for activities such as basketball hoops, funnel ball, and soccer.

Sky Ranch Academy will have four grade level wings, with National Heritage Academies’ (NHA) signature green, cyan, and orange color scheme prevalent throughout. A parent room is next to the main office and will host parent engagement events and meetings. This space is often used for grade level and Moral Focus curriculum presentations, previews, or showcases as well. The building also will have a dedicated space for nursing mothers, creating a welcome space for both families and staff who are caring for children.

Sky Ranch Academy’s spacious hallways will all have solid flooring instead of carpet and will be adorned with NHA’s blue traffic lines on each side. Bulletin boards throughout the hallways will feature student work from each classroom and grade level.

Sky Ranch Academy is taking applications for the 2023-24 school year. Apply today!

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About Sky Ranch Academy
Sky Ranch Academy is a tuition-free, public charter school in Watkins, Colorado, serving students in kindergarten through seventh grade. It is part of the National Heritage Academies network, which includes more than 100 tuition-free, public charter schools serving more than 65,000 students in kindergarten through 12th grade across nine states. For more information, visit

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