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Learning Goes Beyond the Classroom with Clubs and Activities at Sky Ranch Academy

There’s more to school than just the academics. Extracurricular activities can help children make friends, become more social, and open their eyes to new worlds.

At Sky Ranch Academy, students will have a variety of electives and clubs at their disposal. The STEAM approach National Heritage Academies (NHA) schools use incorporates science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics in harmony to provide a well-rounded education. And with NHA’s commitment to a Moral Focus-based curriculum, students of all grade levels are active in the community by giving back and participating in service projects

Students at NHA schools take part in activities such as American Sign Language and foreign languages along with various art and literature classes. NHA schools offer a wide range of clubs, including those for budding entrepreneurs, musicians, or someone who is passionate about making a difference in the community. Students can even get a leg up on their career with clubs aimed at future health professionals and those interested in robotics. The fun doesn’t stop with students, as teachers get into the extracurricular act by making viral videos to motivate their classes and to get them excited for the first day of school.

Athletics are another avenue for children to grow, and NHA schools field teams in everything from basketball to bowling. Sky Ranch will begin with students kindergarten to seventh grade, but as the school grows, more opportunities will arise. Who knows, they might even win a state championship!

Sky Ranch Academy is taking applications for the 2023-24 school year. Apply today!
About Sky Ranch Academy
Sky Ranch Academy is a tuition-free, public charter school in Watkins, Colorado, serving students in kindergarten through seventh grade. It is part of the National Heritage Academies network, which includes more than 100 tuition-free, public charter schools serving more than 65,000 students in kindergarten through 12th grade across nine states. For more information, visit

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