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Saxophonist Teacher Hits a High Note with New Release

Reggie Page knows a thing or two about perseverance. He’s been on a musical journey since he was in elementary school. Page has played the saxophone in church and at venues across the country for nearly three decades, graduating from Michigan State University with a degree in music education. He’s currently a K-8 music teacher at Quest Charter Academy in Taylor, Michigan, and also a recording artist, with music on radio and streaming services.

Page said he's known since he was a child that music was his calling. When he was in elementary school, he originally planned to play the flute in the school band because it was easy to carry. However, his path took an unexpected turn during a church service when he was captivated by a young woman playing the saxophone. At that moment, Page knew he had to switch instruments, regardless of the saxophone's size. With the support of his parents, he launched his saxophone journey, and the rest is history.

Page playing saxophone.

“From the moment I picked up the horn, I kind of knew this is what I wanted to do. That sounds crazy because I was in fifth grade,” he exclaimed.

Before coming to Quest, which has outperformed the local district for seven years, Page was a high school teacher. A student's suggestion led him to participate in a Motown cover song contest. His decision to perform a cover of Brenda Holloway's "You've Made Me So Very Happy" turned out to be a game-changer. He not only became a finalist in the competition but also had the opportunity to record the song for a record label.

Now that Page's music is available to everyone, he’s been receiving praise from his students, colleagues, and even some parents.

“It's amazing; my students know about it, and the teachers here are tremendously supportive, listening and sharing the music,” he said.

Page said balancing his roles as a music teacher and a performer can be challenging, but he has found a way to make it work.

Page playing saxophone.

“Performing is my passion and teaching is my love,” he stated.  Page said he loves both of these roles equally and has a strong support system, including his wife and parents, who help him stay on top of his many commitments.

When asked about his musical influences, Page shared that while he learned from various artists like Randy Scott, Boney James, Kenny G, and John Coltrane, he doesn't aspire to be like any particular artist. Instead, he strives to cultivate his own unique sound and let his music speak for itself. “I tell my students, be the trendsetter, don’t try to follow the trends. Whatever you love, follow your passion, and don't let people deter you.”

Page said he loves to touch hearts with his music and has plans for singles and potentially a full album. He says the support and recognition he has received have been overwhelming, and he's truly grateful for the opportunity to share his music with a wider audience.

If you would like to stream Page’s music or add it to your playlist, just click here.  

Page streaming advertisement.

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