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Meet Pinnacle Academy Principal Katie Strick

If you’d have asked Katie Strick ten years ago where she would be today, her answer would be “in the classroom.” She loved teaching and never imagined being anywhere else. But her natural desire to grow as a leader ultimately led her beyond the classroom and up through the ranks of National Heritage Academies.
Katie studied early childhood education at Cleveland State and became introduced to NHA when a teacher friend recommended her to the organization. Katie joined NHA temporarily as a building substitute during another teacher’s maternity leave. She ended up accepting a teaching role with a Catholic school for a few years, then joined NHA full-time when a position became available. Thirteen years later she has served NHA as a third-grade teacher, dean, state test coordinator, and now principal.
Because a big part of Katie’s heart will always be in the classroom, she’s keenly aware of the joys and challenges her staff face every day. She knows happiness trickles down from the top.
“When my teachers are happy in their lives, they’re happy in the classroom, and we all see better results. Everyone performs better when they know they’re cared for… kids included.”
“When I came aboard, our school was underperforming in kindergarten through third grade reading literacy. We focused on intervention in reading, tracking student readiness, and communicating with parents. It really does take a village. Together we’ve narrowed in and strengthened the foundation, guiding our students and they’re performing stronger. Every student knows we care about them. I believe this genuine approach is showing up in every aspect of our students’ performance.”
Katie is the youngest of five children and her husband is the oldest of five – and everyone “lives within a five-mile radius.” Family is very important to Katie, especially spending time with her husband Jon and their eight-month-old son Colin.