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Paramount Charter Eighth-Grade Students Partake in Miss Manners

As part of their eighth-grade year, all 23 young women at Paramount Charter Academy are participating in the school’s Miss Manners program. The goal of the program is to help young women develop skills that will help them in years to come. 
Students meet the first Wednesday of the month with local image consultant Kelly Duggan to discuss a variety of social skills. Topics include table etiquette, how to properly greet someone, how to develop personal style, social media and cell phone etiquette, skin care, and appropriate makeup application. 
The Paramount eighth-graders have enjoyed the program and look forward to the monthly topics. “The school requires this course, but I feel it is important to know these things—I am quite glad this class is available,” said Paramount eighth-grade student Kayla. “My favorite lesson has been makeup application. We talked about makeup being a choice and how to maintain healthy skin.”

In the coming months students will discuss topics such as speaking with confidence, how to have a great conversation, and friends and romance. The Miss Manners program will also host an upcoming panel session with local professional women. When asked what she would tell other students who may want to join the program, one young woman answered, “Go for it! The class helps embrace who you are, but also provides helpful steps to becoming an adult. You may end up liking it.”‚Äč