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Children enter school with a variety of experiences. We offer options to meet their individual needs. Learners who turn 4 on or before September 1 of the year the child will enter school may be a good fit for our 4K program.

We offer 4K to support 4 year olds as younger learners who may benefit from a transitional year. Children adjust to the social and academic demands of school in a fun, hands-on environment. 4K provides ‘the gift of time’ so younger learners can succeed in kindergarten. Teachers help them develop social, motor and academic skills necessary to prosper in a regular kindergarten class. Students who successfully complete their first year in the 4K program will be promoted to the regular kindergarten program the following year. Our 4K program meets a full school day like all other grades.

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When Can My Child Start Kindergarten?

If you're wondering when your child can start kindergarten, you're not alone! Every state has its own age requirements for starting kindergarten, and they vary.

NHA operates schools with kindergarten programs across nine states. Use our kindergarten calculator to help determine when your child can start kindergarten at an NHA school.
Kindergarten Calculator

4K Curriculum

English Language Arts
4K Curriculum

English Language Arts

English Language Arts

Children learn basic skills to recognize words and build fluency. They make connections, compare books, and summarize what they read. Learning to plan, edit, write and publish, children describe people, places and events in sentences and short stories. As they progress, they start to express ideas and opinions. Building vocabulary and spelling skills, children rapidly improve fluency and comprehension. Our teachers use tools like Reading Street © to support instruction in line with state standards.

4K Curriculum



Children build basic number, addition and subtraction skills. Teachers introduce place value. They explore measurement and data collection, learning to compare and explain results. Building greater geometry awareness, they prepare for more complex problem-solving. Teachers use Math Expressions © to support instruction.

4K Curriculum



Using the scientific method, children learn to use their senses to observe the world around them. They explore topics in Earth science, biology and physics. Building a foundation in Earth Science, they learn about the Earth’s features and weather. Studying the life cycles of animals, they identify traits and habitats. Students study the properties of objects, motion, matter and energy. Building on basic science concepts, children build a foundation to tackle more complex systems.

Social Studies
4K Curriculum

Social Studies

Social Studies

Children study society, emphasizing the values of American democracy and responsibilities of citizenship. Learning about the larger world, children explore geography, economics and human systems. Applying this knowledge, students learn to analyze issues and engage as thoughtful citizens.

4K Curriculum



Children study art, music, physical education and technology.

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Advanced Learning Program  

We offer advanced learning opportunities for top-performing students who are ready to progress beyond grade level.


We're More Than Academics

Strong hearts and minds impact the world in amazing ways. Virtues such as respect, perseverance, compassion, and courage are essential to what kids need to succeed and an essential part of what we teach. We make them part of every school day. This helps students learn the importance of making good decisions and doing the right thing in life. Moral Focus is so integrated into everything we do:

  • We created a curriculum specifically around Moral Focus.
  • We celebrate a “virtue of the month” every month.
  • Our students create a class contract where students agree how to treat their teacher and each other.
  • Students are recognized and celebrated for how they live out Moral Focus every day.


I love the emphasis on moral focus each month. Not only is my child receiving an education, but you are also teaching her qualities to be a good person.

Monthly Virtues

Wisdom Badge


Use good judgment to make decisions

Respect Badge


Treat others the way you want to be treated

Gratitude Badge


Appreciate the kindness and generosity of others

Self-control badge


Manage your emotions and behavior to stay calm

Perseverance Badge


Persist through difficulties until you reach your goal

Courage Badge


Despite fear, do what you believe is right

Encouragement badge


Motivate others to have confidence in themselves

Compassion Badge


Help and care for others during times of need

Integrity Badge


Do what is right, honorable, and good

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