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Honoring the Stars and Stripes at Metro Charter Academy

It’s a day to show off your patriotism by celebrating the history and symbolism of the American flag. Each year on June 14, people across the country proudly observe Flag Day. 
Students at Metro Charter Academy in Romulus, Mich., honor the flag all year long as part of their commitment to the Flag Patrol. The group, made up of eighth-grade members of the National Junior Honor Society (NJHS), is responsible for properly displaying and caring for the school’s American flag.
 Students holding the United States flag.

"I feel that it is a big responsibility and honor,” remarked one Flag Patrol student. “I love that my friends all take it very seriously!”
Their main job is to raise and lower the flag each day at school. At the beginning of the school year, each member of the team is trained in proper flag etiquette. They learn when raising the flag to hoist it briskly to the top of the pole. When lowering it, do it slowly and respectfully. They know never to let the flag touch the ground. They are also taught the art of properly folding and carrying the flag when putting it away for the day.
 Students attaching the flag.
Members of the Flag Patrol at Metro Charter Academy raise and lower the American flag each day.

“There are eight students who work in pairs,” said Rita Diaz, a math teacher who oversees the Flag Patrol. “In the morning, they go put it up. In the afternoon about 10 minutes before school's over, they go out and take it down and they do it all on their own.” 
At a school that outperformed the district for the past 13 years, this is a prime example of living National Heritage Academies’ Moral Focus virtues, especially respect.
“I love to show respect for all who have served our country," stated one Flag Patrol student, while another said they do it to honor family.
 Students raising the flag.

Diaz said the students have really embraced caring for the flag and are eager to make sure the next Flag Patrol is ready.
“I can't believe how happy and how proud they are of themselves,” she said. “They want to be able to show next year’s group of students how it’s done before the end of the year. I think it feels good for them to give back.”
Great job, Metro Flag Patrol!

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