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Empowering Young Women at Detroit Premier Academy

At Detroit Premier Academy, the Young Ladies Loving Themselves (YLLT) program, led by Lakeytra Coleman, an ELL teacher, and Tiffani Wilkins, a middle school math teacher, supports young women as they work to navigate the challenges of middle school.

Two students posing at brunch

Aimed at sixth through eighth graders, the program is designed to help boost self-confidence and tackle sensitive topics they might encounter during these formative years. Organizers say YLLT provides a safe space for scholars to navigate the transition from girlhood to womanhood while addressing topics that are often considered uncomfortable or taboo. Discussions range from self-esteem building to healthy relationships. The primary goal is to empower young women and help them establish lifelong bonds.

Mothers and daughters at brunch

“It’s so important because it allows young women to build healthy relationships with other young women that may be going through similar things in life, gain confidence, and have discussions about uncomfortable topics,” shared Wilkins.

Group photo of brunch attendees
Throughout the year, participants take part in various activities and community service projects.  They recently hosted a Mommy and Me Brunch which had a large turnout with students, staff members, and volunteers coming together to celebrate and support the students in attendance. The group’s next outing is a visit to a selfie museum, where they’ll explore the topic of self-image in a fun setting.

Table runner for brunch

Wilkins noted positive feedback from students, “They love that they get to get out of the house and truly express themselves. They also love having teachers they can talk to honestly.”

Volunteers serving brunch

The involvement of staff members as mentors highlights the supportive culture at Detroit Premier Academy. Groups like YLLT enrich the overall learning experience and help foster a sense of belonging among students. It's no wonder that Detroit Premier outperforms the local district in all subjects.

Great job Detroit Premier Academy for prioritizing student well-being!

Click here for more photos and videos from the Mommy & Me Brunch.

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