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Meet Detroit Enterprise Principal Danielle Archie

Principal Danielle Archie knows what it feels like to struggle through school. Born in Haiti, she came to the U.S. just months before her fifth birthday. As a young student, she could successfully navigate through math and other subjects, but she always struggled with reading skills. This difficulty often resulted in gaps with basic literary instruction. Now as Principal, she can see through the eyes of young students today. She understands the power of a supportive environment and is committed to being a strong advocate for your child so they can learn, grow, succeed and know that a challenge should be a positive experience.
Initially, she set her goals on becoming a lawyer, like her grandfather. She enrolled at Wayne State University, received her degree and accepted an internship at a local law firm. During this time, she also was asked to substitute at Detroit Public Schools. After her very first day as a substitute teacher, her passion for a career in education was ignited. Goodbye law school… hello education.
She thinks back to that day and says, “That atmosphere of learning and being part of the educational journey of my students completely changed my focus in life.” Today, Principal Archie is focused on creating an educational environment that engages social-emotional learning throughout the school day. She wants students to connect with the community, mentors, and para-professionals on staff — all comprise what it takes to create a successful and motivated student.

Principal Archie speaks as highly of values as she does of academic excellence. She believes that wisdom, integrity, and respect are at the core of everything a student needs to succeed. “When those values are integrated into instructional learning and illustrated all around them, it builds a foundation far beyond the classroom.”
“I want every student to be encouraged to take academic risks, and to feel safe in doing so.” That’s a powerful perspective knowing it stems from a young girl from Haiti who struggled to read the instructions on the page.

A Few Things About Principal Archie

  • She earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree from Wayne State University and earned her Master of Arts in Education from the University of Phoenix.
  • She received her leadership license from Grand Valley State University
  • She spent eight years as a teacher and the past five years as the 4th-5th Specials Dean at Detroit Enterprise Academy.
  • She has been married 25 years and has 3 children ages 11, 15, and 19.


  • Excellence in Teaching Award Finalist – 2017
  • Dean of Excellence Award Finalist – 2020

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