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Canton Alumna Feature: Kavya Davuluri

Name: Kavya Davuluri
NHA School: Canton Charter Academy (Class of 2011)
High School: Salem High School
College: Wayne State University
Favorite NHA memory?
My favorite memory was writing and performing a hilarious play based on Greek mythology in eighth grade. We laced it with classic middle school humor and absolutely enjoyed throwing around props and having fun with it.

What were you involved in outside the classroom?
I was involved with National Junior Honor Society and ran track while at Canton Charter. Both helped me develop immensely as a person as they taught me discipline, service, and engagement with my community and peers.

How do you feel your NHA school prepared you for high school/college?
I can’t even begin to describe what a change going to Canton Charter has made in my life. Before I attended Canton, I was at a school that did not empower us to think creatively, reward us for our efforts, or create a collaborative environment of learning. Canton’s dedicated teachers, conducive atmosphere, and tight-knit community is what allowed me to develop my skills and identity as a student, friend, and individual.

What advice would you give to current NHA students?
Appreciate everything! The work you’re putting in, the support you’re receiving, the friendships you’re making—everything contributes to your story, your identity, and who you will be tomorrow. Valuing the little things that add up to the big things is one of the most important things to do.