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Your First Day of School at Canton Charter Academy

Starting a new school year is exciting for everyone — students and parents included! The first day of school is like the beginning of a big adventure, full of excitement and the chance to start fresh. We're looking forward to welcoming everyone and are here to guide you through your first day of school at Canton Charter Academy. Below you will find lots of important information and tips to ensure you're prepared for a fantastic back-to-school experience.


First Day of School:
Tuesday, September 3, 2024

Meet Your Principal

"Canton Charter Academy is an amazing place to work. I truly enjoy seeing the smiles on the faces of our students throughout the day. The staff and families are dedicated to creating an environment where our students come first, and decisions are made in the best interest of our students. I am privileged to come to work each day with the excitement, energy, and commitment that is evident here at Canton."
- Jennifer Conley, Principal at Canton

Young boy excited to start school at National Heritage Academies

First Day of School: Tips for a Smooth Start

Starting school can be exciting and stressful, whether you’re a brand-new kindergartener, joining a new school midyear, or settling back into scheduling rhythms after summer break. It’s a lot of adjustment for kids, parents, and teachers, but here are a few tips that might help to smooth out the back-to-school transition.
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NHA Parent Portal

Use the NHA Parent Portal to submit all forms before the first day of school. Whether you're a returning family or this is your first year at our school, take the time to finish any remaining forms so you're ready for the first day of school! To do this, log in to the NHA Parent Portal before the first day by clicking on the link below. If you have any questions or need assistance, contact the front office. We are happy to help!

Log in to Parent Portal

Need help with your Parent Portal account? Head to our Parent Portal Help page.

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NHA SchoolConnect

Stay connected with all things school-related through NHA SchoolConnect! It is your go-to tool for staying informed and in the loop about everything happening at our school. Don't miss out! Sign up for SchoolConnect right inside your NHA Parent Portal to keep up with important updates and information.

Log in to SchoolConnect

Need help with your SchoolConnect account? Head to our SchoolConnect Help page.

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We're Here to Help

Understanding school policies is essential for a smooth start. We're here to support you! If you have any questions, please call the front office at 734-453-9517 or email