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Fathers at Brooklyn Scholars Promote Importance of Positive Role Models

Children across New York City were accompanied to school by their fathers to show the importance of having positive male role models present in the lives of children. Students from Brooklyn Scholars Charter School participated in the Dads Take Your Child to School Day by eating breakfast with their fathers, grandfathers, and other father figures at Pink Houses Community Center before walking in a large group to their school for the day.

Fathers and family members walk their children to Brooklyn Scholars Charter School during the Dads Take Your Child to School Day in New York City.

The fathers formed a “high-five line” to welcome the children into school and once inside, everyone listened to speeches by Real Dads Network Founder Derek Phillips and Commissioner Keith Howard from the New York City Department of Youth and Community Development.

“Having a significant number of positive male role models in our school at one time was truly exceptional and had a profound impact on our educational environment,” Brooklyn Scholars Principal Roxanne Thomas said. “The presence of these role models helped create a sense of community within the school. Students and teachers alike felt a stronger bond, knowing that they were part of a supportive and nurturing environment.”

Students had breakfast with their dads before school.

Students posed for photos with their fathers and showed them around their school, which has outperformed the local district for 11 years.
“For scholars, having their fathers and father figures at school provides a sense of emotional security and comfort,” Thomas said. “Knowing that their loved ones are close by can reduce anxiety and help them feel safe in their learning environment. Interactions with fathers and father figures at school allow scholars to witness healthy social interactions and communication skills firsthand. These experiences contribute to their own social development, teaching them how to navigate relationships and resolve conflicts positively.”
Brooklyn Scholars Principal Roxanne Thomas poses with Real Dads Network Founder Derek Phillips.
Dads Take Your Child to School Day started in 2007 as an initiative to promote parental engagement and responsible fatherhood in the lives of school children.
Brooklyn Scholars Principal Roxanne Thomas poses with many of the dads who walked their children to school.
“Positive male role models reinforced the importance of values such as respect, integrity, and perseverance,” Thomas said. “Their presence made it clear that these qualities were not only valued but also essential for success.”
Great work connecting with your families, Brooklyn Scholars!

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