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Girl Boss Brunch Provides Tips, Inspiration for Brooklyn Scholars

Empowering young girls to grow into the strong women of tomorrow is a task at the forefront of the minds of leadership at Brooklyn Scholars Charter School. Principal Roxanne Thomas provides opportunities for her staff to showcase the importance of this, and they create excellent experiences for their scholars. Principal Thomas wrote about their most recent event below:
The collaboration between social worker Daijasia Mcintosh and special education teachers Martika Mondesir and Lynn Irby has birthed an inspiring event: the Girl Boss Brunch. This initiative, held recently at Brooklyn Scholars Charter School, aimed to encourage female empowerment, positive self-image, mental health awareness, and entrepreneurship among young girls.

Organizers of the event posing for photo
From left: Special Education Teacher Martika Mondesir, Social Worker Daijasia McIntosh and Special Education Teacher Lynn Irby were celebrated and thanked for organizing the event.

The Girl Boss Brunch was not just another event; it was a platform where girls could engage in meaningful discussions and activities that would shape their understanding of themselves and their potential in the world. With an impressive lineup of accomplished women, the event offered a unique opportunity for students to interact with role models from various professional backgrounds.
The panel discussion, moderated by eighth graders Candy Quinones and Arelys Caraballo Cruz, featured influential women such as flight attendant Dana Kippins, photographer Kreshonna Kean, tax attorney Shari Byer, assistant principal Cami Whittingham, and filmmaker/screenwriter Zoey Taylor. These women shared their experiences, insights, and advice, inspiring the girls to dream big and pursue their passions.

A panel of local professional women spoke during the brunch.
A panel of local professional women spoke during the brunch.

Brooklyn Scholars’ mission statement of "We will involve the community in our school – and our school in the community – for the improvement of both" reflects the commitment to building a supportive and inclusive environment for all. The involvement of local businesses, such as Fusion East and Chipotle, who donated food and gift cards, highlights the community's dedication to empowering its young members.
The success of the Girl Boss Brunch can be attributed to the collective effort of the female staff in grades five through eight, who worked to ensure the event's success. From planning and organizing to actively participating in the activities, everyone played a crucial role in creating a memorable experience for the students.

Tips for creating new hairstyles were discussed and shown.
Tips for creating new hairstyles were discussed and shown.

During the brunch, students were divided into stations where they rotated through various activities, including hair care, skincare, hygiene, creative writing, and an affirmation station. These stations provided practical knowledge and skills while reinforcing the importance of self-care and self-love. It’s no wonder the school has outperformed the local district for the past 12 years.

Scholars learn about makeup techniques.
Scholars learn about makeup techniques.

One of the most significant achievements of the Girl Boss Brunch was its ability to instill confidence and inspiration in the young girls who participated. By providing them with access to positive role models and empowering discussions, the event has planted the seeds for future success and leadership among the next generation of women.
Great work empowering your scholars, BSCS!

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