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Apex Students Use the Scientific Method to Make Ice Cream

On the first day of the new school year, eighth-grade students at Apex Academy enjoyed a sweet science lesson by incorporating the steps of the scientific method to make their own ice cream.

The lesson encouraged students to follow the steps of the scientific method consisting of making an observation, forming a question, creating a hypothesis, conducting an experiment, and analyzing the data.

The lesson was used as a refresher course that aimed to help students recall the steps of the scientific method that they were taught in seventh grade.

“Using hands-on activities is a way to allow students to engage in kinesthetic learning,” said Loree McCorvey, seventh- and eighth-grade science teacher at Apex. “Most importantly it provides educators with a unique opportunity to enrich the minds of their students in new and engaging ways.” 

Students set up their labs with a scientific method worksheet, a plastic baggie, and the ice cream ingredients, including milk, vanilla, sugar, salt, and ice. Students donned gloves during the experiment as an added component of the experience.

To make the ice cream, students had to utilize math skills to measure the correct amount of ingredients. Next, they had to follow the recipe, incorporating the science component of the experiment. Finally, they had to vigorously shake the plastic baggies for 10 minutes until a solid ice cream formed. At the end of the lesson, students were required to answer questions based on the materials given to them to make their ice cream.

“Awesome job Ms. McCorvey, teaching our eight-grade scholars how to make ice cream as a science experiment on the first day of school,” said Ron Bruce, behavior specialist at Apex.