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Triumph Academy Welcomed Students with Chalk-the-Walk

Staff at Triumph Academy joined forces to create a fun and welcoming environment on the first day of school by holding the school’s first-ever Chalk-the-Walk event. The staff “chalkers” set up the walkway the day before school started to surprise and welcome students in a bright and colorful way.

“Triumph welcomes students to school in a BIG way,” said Shana Waybright, admissions representative at Triumph Academy. “The school is always known to do a big welcome.”

As students arrived for school, they were greeted by a large back-to-school sign and colorful artwork covering the sidewalk leading up to the school. The artwork featured fun pictures and words of encouragement such as:

  • Welcome back!
  • Smile, it’s the first day!
  • Learn a lot. Have fun. Be kind first.
  • Make today ridiculously amazing.
  • #TeamTriumph
  • Kind is cool.

“In the past, we have done a red-carpet event but wanted to switch it up and do something different, therefore we thought of the chalk the walk,” said Waybright.

Students also joined in the activities by adding their own drawings to the walkway on their first day. Student drawings included smiley faces, hearts, sunshine faces, and more.

Way to go, Triumph!